Perfect Disc manufactures a wide range of CD cases and packaging accessories with customized colors to our customers' applications. We are also capable of designing packing solution for fulfilling our customers' needs.

With highly efficient in-house packing equipment, we are fully capable of delivering a significant amount of packed CDs in a short period of time.


  Pkg001 - 10mm Jewel Case Pkg002 - 5.2mm Jewel Case
  Pkg003 - 6-in-1 Jewel Case Pkg004 - 4-in-1 P.P. Case
        Pkg005 - DVD Case Pkg006 - Double DVD Case
      Pkg007 - Mini Disc Jewel Case Pkg008 - Business Card CD Jewel Case
  Pkg009 - Business Card PP Case Pkg010 - P.P. Sleeve
  Pkg011 - Paper Window Bag Pkg012 - Shell P.P. Case
      Pkg013 - Paper Holder Pkg014 - Mouse Pad CD Holder
    Pkg015 - Multi-in-1 PP File Pkg016 - Multi-in-1 PU Folder
          Pkg017 - Digi Tray Pkg018 - Disc Holders
          Pkg019 - CD Postcard Pkg020 -DVD Digipak

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